On November 15 2013 a seminar on social partnership (Government-Union of Employers- Confederation of Trade Unions) and the Law on Employment of RA took place in the Republican Union of Employers of Armenia.  

The schemes, principles and programs for social partnership were presented, the work of the Union of Employers in the framework of this tripartite agreement and the role of the Union in the development of the new law on Employment, which is currently under discussion in Parliament and is supposed to be adopted in January 2014 were described. 

Republican Union of Employers of Armenia together with its affiliated branch unions of private employment agencies in the course of years has done a huge amount of work to change and withdraw some provisions of the law intended to be approved, as far as the Union has the right of "veto" in the framework of the tripartite agreement. 


One of the main consumers of the new law is private employment agencies whose work will be regulated by means of the Law on Employment. The invited representatives of recruitment agencies were proposed to be united in order to have an opportunity of lobbying of their interests as well on the stage of development of appropriate legislative projects. 

We would like to remind you that the Chair of the branch union of private employment agencies within the Republican Union of Employers of Armenia is the director of our recruitment company "Tanger" Nana Heruni.