On December 23, 2013 a congress of branch union of employers of private employment agencies took place in RUEA office. 

The aim of the congress was the representation, summary and evaluation of work performed within 3 years by the branch union and the election of the president and board members of branch union.  17 representatives from 7 organizations participated in the congress and constituted a quorum.

During the congress the president of branch union Nana Heruni, who, at the same time is the director of “Tanger” Recruitment Company, reported about the work performed by the branch union within 3 years. 


After the report questions, opinions and suggestions were raised about the work of branch union and private employment agencies. 

The president of the congress Gagik Makaryan and the participating members appreciated sufficient the work of the branch union. Then the election of the president and board members of the branch union was held. 

Nana Heruni was re-elected as a president of branch union of private employment agencies of RUEA.