On June 1, 2012 International Center for Human Development (ICHD) held a seminar on The role of RA consular system in the context of regulated labor migration. Housed in conjunction with the International Migration Organization within the frames of an Analytical management of labor migration in Armenia project, the seminar was run by the representative officials of consular administration at RA Ministry of External Affairs. Following the presentation on RA Consular services and consular defense system, the discussions evolved around the issues, such as:


1.         RA policy in regards to consular affairs

2.         Legal regulations around RA consular service system

3.         Institutional capacity system of RA consular service

4.         International cooperation

5.         Strengthening the impact of consular services: reforms and innovations

6.         Advocacy and assistance issues for the RA legal entities and individuals: most frequently addressed issues

 The meeting was represented by RA state officials, authorities of territorial centers in charge of providing social and employment services and representatives of non-governmental organizations engaged in issues of migration.

Narine Movsisyan from Tanger recruitment agency was among the participants of the event.