On August  4, 2012 The association  “Adult Education and Lifelong Learning”, which co-founder is “Tanger” recruitment company, within the framework program “ Recognize the wisdom”, with “Armen” foundation for International studies organized another cultural event-meeting with Mary Sargsyan who is a presenter, candidate of philological sciences.

Mrs. Sargsyan introduced the result of her work about the searching Armenian elements in Aymara language. The research has found 120 Armenian word roots, which are similar to Aymara not only by semantically, but also phonetically. 15.000 years ago Armenians used to live in the center of America in the pond of Titicaca lake, they brought the secrets of exploitation of metals, melioration, the cultivation of the ground of mountainous hillsides, as well as by living there for some centuries they left the influence of Armenian language on Aymara language making Armenian word roots acceplicable.