On October 2 2013 in the office of UN an international conference took place on the subject "Labour migration and policy for the development of post-Soviet countries”. During the conference a comparative analysis and exchange of experience of CIS countries was carried out.


The following topics were discussed: 

1.Adjustment of national policy by attracting migrants to national development, the exchange of experience; 

2.Changes in the migration policy of Armenia aimed at the improvement of working conditions,  the attraction of migrants and reduction of migration; 

3.Global World and migration; 

4.The peculiarities inherent to the migration of citizens in Kyrgyzstan; 

5.The employment of population and its regulation in the informational economy; 

6.Intercultural communication as a factor of adaptation of migrants to other culture;

7.Bilingualism as an actualization tool of the migrant; 

8.The evaluation of simplification of the visa regime in Armenia; 

9.The influence of migration policy of the country on the integration of international management systems to the activities of economic subjects of the sovereign state; 

10.Research experience of migration processes in the intercultural space; 

11.The socio-psychological factors of migration; 

12.The influence of migration policy on the social security provision of society; 

13.The regulation of migration policy in the Republic of Dagestan and others; 

The Managing Director of “Tanger” Recruitment Company, the Chair of Private Employment Agencies Sectorial Union of the Republican Union of Employers of Armenia Nana Heruni was among the delegates of the conference.