On November 30th, the International Center for Human Development (ICHD), ) in cooperation with International Organization for Migration (IOM) and  with the support of  European Union  in the frameworks of the project the “Strengthening Evidence-Based Management of Labor Migration in Armenia” organized a round table on the theme  " The employment and work of foreign nationals  in the  Republic of Armenia and the analysis of legislation concerning the labor migration of  citizens of the  Republic of Armenia”


After the presentation of the analysis the representatives of the working group discussed the possible suggestions of changes in the legislation. We would like to focus on one of the proposed changes that caused a heated debate.  The change refers to the acquisition of the right of foreign nationals to work in Armenia.

Currently, all foreign nationals after receiving a temporary residence permit and social card gain the right to work in Armenia. The new legislation besides a temporary residence permit and social card involves the right to work. How will this work? A candidate goes to the employer to get a job, for this the employer must apply to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs or the State Employment Service, where he should be offered a possible alternative unemployed worker of Armenian citizenship. In case he can’t find the above mentioned candidate, the   employer is entitled to hire the foreign employee. Knowing our bureaucracy, this procedure can last more than months.

Based on our experience, no employer will wait a long time for   filling the vacancy. Taking into consideration that mainly our compatriots from the CIS countries (with Russian, Ukrainian or other citizenship) come to Armenia, trying to find a job and wishing to live in Armenia, the new law won’t give our compatriots   an opportunity to gain a foothold in the homeland. 

In our opinion, the law is not quite actual for Armenia, as for large megacities of the world that have a large influx of migrants. In case of the need of creation of national ideology, maintaining the integrity and unity of our state and nation, such change in the legislation seems like a diversion.

Who needs it and why? In order to show that we comply with European standards?  The adoption of such laws, and blind desire to ratify the various European conventions without considering the specificity of the Armenian market and social foundations, not taking into account both the global and the local  interests of the citizens , can lead Armenia to  stalemate.

If it is so necessary to make such law, then in our opinion the only alternative is the provision of the possibility to acquire the right to work and temporary residence permit simultaneously, which will allow the non - citizens of Armenia   apply the potential  employer and immediately to start to work having already  the work permit.

Nana Heruni the managing director of Tanger Recruitment company and Chair of Republican Armenian Employers Sectorial Union of Private Employment Agencies also  took part in the roundtable meeting. 

List of invited organizations 

        Government and Public Administrations

1.Administration of the President of RA

2.Government Staff of   the Republic of Armenia 

3.Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of   the Republic of Armenia

4.Ministry of Justice of   the Republic of Armenia

5.Ministry of Foreign Affairs of   the Republic of Armenia

6.Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia

7.National Security Service of  the Republic of Armenia

8.National Statistical Service of the Republic of Armenia

9.Police of the Republic of Armenia

10.State Migration Service, Ministry of Territorial  Administration of  the  Republic of Armenia

11."State Employment Service" agency 


International and non-governmental organizations:

12.Delegation of the European Union to Armenia

13.OSCE Office in Yerevan

14.EU Advisory Group to the Republic of Armenia

15.International Organization of Migration

16.International Labor Organization

17.NGO "Advanced Social Technologies" 

18.NGO "Armenian Social Demographic Initiative" 

19.NGO "Armenian CARITAS" 

20.The Caucasus Research Resource Centers

21.Union of Manufacturers & Businessmen of Armenia

22.Republican Union of Employers of Armenia

23.NGO “International Center for Human Development”


Private employment agencies: 

24.“Tanger” Recruitment Company

25.“ACCEPT" Employment Center

26.“Gorts Bolorin" Employment Agency 

27."Lugera & Makler" Regional Office in Armenia