The extraordinary congress of Republican Union of Employers of RA was taken place on June 4, 2011.

    There were the following issues to be discussed in the agenda:
  1. The Report about the activity of the Union during 2007-2010 - G. Makaryan;
  2. Internal Control Committee report from 2007-2010;
  3. New editing and additions in the Charter of the Union;
  4. Election of a new President for the Union;
  5. Election of a new Board for the Union;
  6. Election of the Internal Control Committee;
  7. The structure of the Vise Presidents of the Union. Ms. Nana Heruni is the director of "Tanger" requiting company being also the President of the Union of the Private Recruitment Agencies under the auspices of the Republican Union of Employers of RA.