Recently the director of our company Nana Heruni paid a working visit to Doha on the invitation of our partner- a large state-owned company in Qatar. The purpose of the visit was to get acquainted with the company, its structure to correctly choose staff in Armenia to work in Qatar, to have an idea about the country as a whole, which is very important for sending specialists.

The visit was very successful; Nana Heruni visited both the main office of the company and its branches.  Qatar is a small country situated in the north-eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula, bordered with Saudi Arabia and UAE and surrounded by the Persian Gulf.  The country is safe, has a strong labor legislation, which also applies to guest workers.  The20% of the population are the locals and the remaining are guest workers from different countries: Malaysia, India, Philippines etc. A lot of Europeans are working in the world's largest oil companies. Thus, Qatar is a multicultural country. The territory of Qatar is almost three times smaller than that of Armenia, but is rich in oil and gas. Now the country is actively preparing to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

We continue the active cooperation with this company the vacancies of which have already been presented on our website as well as on the profile of our FB.

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