Like the previous years in this year also in the framework of the program “Cooperation with HEI-s” a traditional meeting was held with graduates in Yerevan State Linguistic University after V. Brusov YSLU).

Like the graduates of previous year the graduates of this year were also a little bit worried about their future career and knew very little about labor market, labor legislation and the rights of employers and employees. Instead they were ready to work for minimum salary and do volunteer work. Lots of questions on labor market were raised, particularly whether it was worth to work with employers who didn’t want to pay for the probation period or didn’t want to register the employee for the mentioned period. Certainly they got answers to all their questions, as well as got advice on right resume writing, job searching on relevant websites, representing themselves to employers and so on.  

And in the end we want to remind you that in the framework of the program "Cooperation with HEI-s" the registration of all graduates of the HEI-s that has signed an agreement with "Tanger" Recruitment Company is free.