On June 28, 2012 Mr. Tigran Tananyan, deputy team leader and Mr. Philip Hurst, an international expert and consultant  paid a visit to Tanger recruitment agency  within the USAID supported program on “Enterprise Development & Market Competitiveness Project” run for private employment services providing companies. The visitors were interested in a number of issues related to job market, agency’s work, its needs, information about employers and job seekers, professional standings of private employment agencies and others.

Earlier, within the frames of the same project Mr. Krassen Stanchev, the team leader along with other members of the team visited Tanger to discuss among other issues the need for professional trainings for employees of recruitment agencies. These discussions led to recommendations, including the ones put forward by Tanger, to initiate trainings to be run by Mr. Hurst who has a great experience in conducting these for recruitment agencies in various countries.