On November   21st, 2012 the Republican Union of Employers of Armenia (RUEA) celebrated its 5th anniversary in “Armenia Marriott” hotel. Among  the invited  guests were dignitaries, representatives of the RA government, social and foreign partners,  guests from Germany, Netherlands, Belarus, Russia, as well as representatives of the embassies in Armenia, international organizations, sectorial and regional unions of  RUEA , Media, employers – RUEA  members and non-members etc.

Today RUEA includes 6 sectorial and 5 regional alliances, and a number of organizations that are direct members; in total 10,000 organizations are included in it.

RUEA got a lot of congratulations from dignitaries, representatives of several ministries and foreign partners.

During the celebration RUEA handed diplomas to a number of organizations for their active cooperation, for the contribution to the establishment and institutional strengthening, for the active support and participation in the regional program, for fostering the relations of education and employment, as well as for the  high-quality domestic production and facilitation of import. Regional and sectorial RUEA members were awarded certificates of appreciation for active membership.

We remind that the Managing Director of "Tanger" recruitment company Nana Heruni is the president of Chair of private employment  agencies sectorial union of the republic union of employers of   Armenia.