On December 10, 2013 in the hotel Ani Plaza within the framework of the program “Strengthening evidence-based management of labor migration in Armenia” a round table took place on the theme “The Support to Migrants and their families in the intercommunity cooperation agenda” which was organized by International Center for Human Development. 

On the same day 2013 a delegation from the town Nardo of Italia arrived to Armenia. The mayor of the town Nardo, the representative of the municipality and the representative of the governing council body of Lecce province were among the delegates. Within the framework of the visit the round table was held during which the migration policy of RA, the situation and the support programs to returnees, the programs of the ministry of diaspora of RA and opportunities of intercommunity cooperation were represented and discussed. 


State administration bodies: ministry of foreign affairs of RA, ministry of labor and social affairs of RA, municipalities of Ashtarak and Gjumri, international organizations, non governmental institutions and private employment companies participated in the round table discussion. 

The deputy director of “Tanger” Recruitment Company Marina Tsimbalova took part in the round table and represented the company during the discussion.