The discussion of the "Employment" law project has taken a new turn, which is expected to be adopted in 2014. 

On June 4, 2013 a public discussion concerning the “Employment” law was held by the initiative of “ARAZA” NGO at “Ani Plaza” Hotel. A lot of questions were being raised by the interested organizations, the disadvantages of the project were being discussed, and the representative of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs was asked several questions.

As the law also concerns the private employment agency sector, which, of course, needs a regulation, some points bother us, which in our opinion are not well-thought-out and are about of wrong perceptions of the officials about the internal mechanism works of the private employment sector. This question was raised by the Managing Director of Tanger recruitment company, Chair of Private Employment Agencies Sectorial union of the Republican Union of Employers of Armenia Nana Heruni. At the end of the discussion, the managing director of our company asked the law making ministry representative for a closer cooperation with the private agencies on the law project discussion, as the adoption of the law, not adequate to our reality, will jeopardize the existence of the underdeveloped private employment sector.