Dear colleagues, Let me take this opportunity to congratulate all of you on the occasion of the Day of Recruiters. We work in a tough and brittle environment of human factor both from the perspective of a job seeker and an employer - a work that requires meticulous thinking and selection of the very candidate for the particular employer. I sincerely wish everyone best of luck in this noble, yet thorny way in candidate search and selection, good projects, reliable and decent partners, serious-minded customers, good mood, lots of positive energy and health. What weighs most is goodwill, which I sincerely wish as well. Let our work come as joyful and thrilling, however hard it may be. I wish you lots of the professional opportunities, patience and perfection, as well as flair, since it is the work performed at high stake that brings in satisfaction and pride. Love your profession and make stepping stones towards your growth, enjoy the soars and achievements. I wish your companies to thrive and prosper. Happy "hunting"! Nana Heruni Chief executive Director Tanger Recruitment agency Chairwoman of Assembly of Private Employment Agencies under the Union of the Employers of Armenia

Nana Heruni
Chief Executive of Tanger Recruitment Company
Chair of Republican Employers Sectorial Union of Private Employment Agencies