On September 26, 2011 International Center for Human Development (ICHD) within the frameworks of its new project organized a meeting with the institutions interested in cooperation. Run by ICHD in conjunction with the International Migration Organization and funded by the European Union, this is a three-year project titled as Strengthening Evidence-Based Management of Labour Migration in Armenia. The project pursues long-term goal of preventing the haphazard migration of Armenian people through introducing the migration regulation processes, namely through promotion of the labor migration regulation. The meeting was represented by private agencies engaged in international labor migration regulation, as well as State Migration Service represented by the head of the service agency, Mr. Gagik Yeganyan.


The project aims at providing assistance to private employment agencies in developing the newer connections, skills and labor tools necessary for adjusting to working at European labor markets. It is expected to set up Information Support System for Employment Agencies (Ulisses). This will serve as an advisory and assistance platform for the agencies that will intend to provide quality services to the candidates seeking for definite-term work in EU countries. Ulisses will enable information fluidity among the labor code, employers and relevant organizations. The System will offer Armenian agencies the support to incorporate European standards and best practices into employment service providers in Armenia.


Two days later the project implementers, namely Ms. Anna Shahnazaryan and Mr. Michael Ohly paid visits to Tanger recruitment agency to meet the director Ms. Nana Heruni. The latter laid a comprehensive groundwork for the local labor market, its issues and ways to improve the forthcoming perspectives. The experts discussed in what way the cooperation can be sustained with the private employment agencies within the framework of the project implementation.