After gaining independence 1.5 million Armenian citizens left Armenia. Emigration adopted scale threatening national security.  

From 2010-2013 300000-350000 people left Armenia that is for a year approximately 100000 people left their country the half of them for permanent residence and family reunification. 

In spite of the fact that in recent years among the part of Armenians a tendency of return from Russia has been observed (and lately, particularly, due to the devaluation of the ruble in the result of which it has become unprofitable to work there) nevertheless, Armenians more leave than return and leave in large amounts. And there is nothing good in this despite the openly declared positive attitude by the authorities towards the migration process. It is clear for any sensible person. 

Over the last year, by the way, in connection with the fall of the ruble exchange rate it is noticed large sum of transfers already from Armenia to Russia to support the relatives leaving to earn money. 

The causes of migration are as follows:  a legal arbitrariness, corruption, unemployment, the dominance of monopolies (the property of 10 families in Armenia makes up the 50% of the country's GDP), as well as the poor conditions for breathless small and medium-sized businesses. 

The migration policy of foreign countries also contributes to the idea of Armenia without Armenians. Particularly in 2014 the USA issued 2000 green cards to Armenians, whereas 2 times less to Georgia and 4 times less to Azerbaijan. 

According to the data of 2014 the poverty, as a whole, in Armenia was 32.5% and in 52% in Yerevan. 

The official statistics of unemployment (18%) cannot be trusted since their calculation methods, putting it mildly, are not perfect and the State Employment Service accepts it. In reality, this rate is at least 30%. 

The foreign trade turnover for the first semester of 2015 has a descending trend; both exports and imports have decreased. The national debt is growing.  

So, people returning by force, particularly from Russia, fall into even worse conditions than before leaving. 

With such components it is difficult to be optimistic and run a business. The migrants from Syria are mostly disappointed and leave Armenia.  I bow before all of those who having no "back," earns a piece of bread. Where is the solution? It is naïve to hope for a miracle, it is not prudent to wait for support from Higher powers, or someone who will come and make you feel good. It is known that one must make one’s well-being and happiness for oneself and one’s country by one’s own hands. 

Nana Heruni 

Director of “Tanger” Recruitment Company (Yerevan, Armenia)  

Chair of the sectorial union of private employment agencies of the Republican Union of Employers of Armenia