Here the first meeting of graduates of Moscow Economics, Statistics and Informatics State University took place  with the representative of "Tanger" recruitment company. The meeting was held in one of the technically best-equipped auditorium immediately after the state examination. Although the students were a little bit tired and excited, but it did not diminish their interest in our company and our activities.  A pleasant atmosphere was created from the first minutes, which made the communication much more direct and effective.   

Most of the graduates were interested in current situation of Armenian labor market, the difficulties and obstacles to which they may be faced as well as their opportunities  in the labor market. Their concerns are not surprising and entirely normal, since most of them has arrived from Russia and they have less understanding of the labor market and the procedures of Labor Code of RA.  

By the way it is useful to mention that on April 30 of this year a cooperation agreement was signed between Yerevan Branch of  Moscow  State  University of  Economics, Statistics and Informatics and  "Tanger" recruitment company. The agreement has given a chance to graduates of the above mentioned university to register in our company for free. The purpose of the agreement is to provide employment to those graduates who have speciality but do not have work experience.