To choose a right personnel for the client you need to study the company from the inside, understand the corporate culture. That's why yesterday we accepted the invitation of the director of “Liqvor” pharmaceutical, the largest Armenian medicine producer company, with whom we have cooperated for over 13 years.

Everything was very impressive:  the building, the interier, the high-quality equipment of German and Austrian companies. Here everything is done with love, and with attention to details. It is the principal position of the company's director Sergey R. Mathevosian, who had founded the company 22 years ago. He is the heart and the driving force of the company, a person, who is attentive to all of his employees, interested not only in their work, but also in their personal issues, and, as we learned at the end of our excursion, is beloved by everyone.

120 employees, 60 types of medicine, 50% of which are exported to 10 countries. That's something to be really proud of! Without exception, we saw an intelligence and friendliness in the eyes of the friendly staff, as well as in the eyes of the laborers and the security when walking in the office building, as well as in the warehouse and manufacturing area.

The top priorities here are the overall quality, steilization, and a unique supply system of air and water purification, which maintains necessary temperature in the area.

Our tour ended at the company's Hall of Honor and achievements, where certificates, diplomas and photos, as well as artifacts symbolizing the path of the company are.

We wish our customer to prosper and grow, as for us, we will work on the quality assurance of the personnel.