On July 3, in partnership with "Mediacentre" and "Public network" in alliance with the governmental structures and its coordinator "Araza" NGO, a press conference about the RA Draft law of "Employment" took place.

The purpose of the press conference is to present through lobbying information to the wider community and to the Deputies of the RA National Assembly the following:

•In the elaboration of the draft law, about the network estimation of the civil society participation.

•Issues raised by the civil society, concerning the draft law

•About the position of the Ministry presented orally about the problematic issues and solution proposals raised by the  CSOs as well as presented to the discussion to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. 

•The current status of the Draft law and the “Public Network’s further steps in the passing process.

Nana Heruni, the Managing Director of Tanger Recruitment company, Chair of Private Employment Agencies Sectorial Union of the Republican Union of Employers of Armenia also took part in the press conference and answered questions.

Follow the link below to view the video of the press conference: