'Tanger'' Recruitment Company together with the Representation of the “French Office for Immigration and Integration” in Armenia in the framework of the EU funded project ''Targeted Initative for Armenia'' carried out a program the main purpose of which was the integration of returned migrants into Armenian labour market. 

Based on the requirements of the labor market and abilities of migrants "Tanger" Recruitment Company organized vocational education and requalification trainings with the duration of 3-4 months in different spheres such as business, marketing, programming, accounting, dressmaking, hairdressing etc. for 16 returned  migrants.

All the migrants were very pleased with trainings. They gained not only new knowledge, experience and skills, but also got consultancy on the labor market, demanded professions, norms stipulated by the Labour Code, salaries and on job searching in the labor market. After completion of the trainings all the migrants received certificates and the majority of them found work in a number of Armenian companies.


Congratulations to all participants and colleagues on the successful completion of the program!