In November 17-28 within the program “Experience and working practice exchange between  private employment agencies” organized by the International Center for Human Development (ICHD)  the deputy director of our company Marina Tsymbalova visited Warsaw and Kiev.  During the visit the Armenian delegation consisting of heads of private recruitment agencies visited particularly the Polish recruitment agency EWL in Warsaw, as well as its branch in Ukraine. The main purpose of the visit was the acquaintance with the activity of the company, with the methods and tools that they use in their working practice starting from the moment of receiving of order from the employer to the registration of employees in the staff of the company. 

In Warsaw, the representatives of private employment agencies visited the state district departments of employment as well, from where the process of hiring of foreign labor began and was controlled. A meeting was also held with the representatives of the International Labour Organization (ILO), which provide informational-consulting services to foreign workers. The delegation visited a number of enterprises where migrants mostly from Ukraine worked.