As in previous years in this year too in the framework of the project “Cooperation with Higher Educational Institutions” the representative of ''Tanger'' Recruitment Company Anna Ghambaryan met with graduates of Yerevan State Linguistic University Named After V. Brusov, Yerevan Branch of Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics, Yerevan State College of Light Industry, Yerevan State College of Informatics and basic college of Yerevan Medical Institute after Mehrabyan.

The meetings were very warm and effective. A lot of questions were raised by the graduates which found their answers. Unlike previous years, this year the graduates were mostly concerned not about how to represent themselves to the employer, but how and by what means to find  right information about the employers, their attitude toward the employees and about the company.

During the meeting the graduates were given advice not only on right and competitive CV righting but also on representing to the employer in a right way and on preparing properly for the interview. 

At the end of the meeting the graduates expressed their gratitude for the received information, consultation and for the opportunities provided for them.  

It is worth mentioning that in the framework of the project “Cooperation with Higher Educational Institutions” all the graduates of those educational institutions which have signed an agreement with ''Tanger'' Recruitment Company can be freely registered in our company and take advantage of all the services provided by our company.