On December 9, 2013 in the Republican union of employers within the framework of the tripartite contract a meeting was held between the head of Republican Union of Employers Gagik Makaryan, the executive director Vahan Simonyan and the head of the State Employment Service Agency Artak Mangasaryan.

The submitted state program on employment regulation of RA for 2014 and some of its constituents were being discussed. During the meeting all the comments and suggestions for change represented by the employers’ union  relating to the different points of the programs envisaged for realization, especially the programs envisaged for joint implementation with private employment agencies, were heard by the  representatives of the employment service. 


Two days later, a similar meeting was held with the participation of state employment service and private employment agencies during which the opinions and suggestions raised by the representatives of private employment agencies regarding to the state program of employment regulation of RA 2014 were heard. 

Both meetings were attended by the director of our recruitment company Nana Heruni, who is the Chair of Brunch Union of Private Employment Agencies of the Republican Union of Employers of Armenia at the same time.