On November 23, 2013 a seminar on the theme “Training on job finding” organized by UNHCR for the target group of Syrian-Armenians was held at UN Office in Armenia. 

During the training it was talked about how and in what appearance to go to the employer for an interview, what to speak during the interview, how to emphasize personal advantages and so on. After the training a role play was organized: an interview between the job seeker and employer, where the Syrian-Armenians were job seekers and the speakers were employers. 

The representative of “Tanger” Recruitment Company, the corporate sales manager Anna Ghambaryan was invited and participated the training as a speaker. She introduced the Recruitment Company “Tanger”, its role and contributions for the employment of Syrian Armenians, talked about the existing problems in the labor market and about the difficulties of job finding as well as about the advantages of Syrian-Armenians which must be emphasized during the interview and the weak sides which must be evaded.