A Flawless Resume We receive resumes form a great number of people on a daily basis and would like to share some impressions and tackle some faults that occur. Does it ring the bell when you send out dozens of resumes to the companies you are interested in and none of them invites you over for an interview? What is the reason? We could allow room for the fact that the employer does not feel the need for the new staff. However it is also supposed that there are serious faults on your resume, like: - Position discrepancy: if after having long worked as a tailor you dream of an HR manager position, it is quite clear why the employer does not look in a hurry to call you back. Be aware of your real capabilities. Yet, no one forbids you to attend training courses. The reverse situation is also common. Suppose you have worked as a General Manager and your preparedness to take over the position of a logistician in an outdated scientific research institute may make the employer alert, in a way that a question will arise why you are ready to make a career fall down. The only way out in this situation is to discern your previous accomplishments, like the position of overseas sales manager and to mention the ones that directly relate to the vacancy requirements. - Vague definitions on the resume are another reason for rejection. The simpler and more concise you describe your biography, the better. If your position was interpreter, write it so, without any phrases like ‘specialist in working with foreign counterparts’. ‘Pompous’ word combinations will give no helpful information, hence are downright useless.