On July 23 -24, 2012, within the USAID program, training was held for the private employment agencies on the topic of “Development of enterprises and competitiveness on the job market”. The seminar was run by Mr. Philip Hurst, an international expert and consultant on the issues of employment and enhancement of human resources. Mr. Hurst spoke on the fundamentals of developing and improving the performance of private employment agencies in Armenia, and the role they take in the business competitiveness. The purpose of the training was to streamline the performance of the agencies as per the international standards, provide incentives for improvement and upraise of private agencies, familiarize them with the articles of the 181th ILO Convention adopted in 1997, as well as to present the concept of CIETT, international confederation of private employment agencies, its roles and objectives in promoting interests of private agencies in light of international context. 

The representatives of our company were among the participants of the training.