On March 22, Nana Heruni, the director of the Tangier recruiting company, was invited to the office of the National Center for the Development of Small and Medium Entrepreneurship at a working meeting on women's entrepreneurship organized by the European Training Foundation.

The purpose of the meeting was to promote the development of Armenia in particular in the field of women's entrepreneurship, the state of affairs in this area. They also discussed practical experience, creating a common platform for the exchange of views.

Following the meeting, the final version of the questionnaire was developed based on the discussion and summarized database of self-assessment of the act to small businesses.

During the meeting, the speakers were: Koryun Gevorkian, Head of the Department for the Development of Small and Medium Business of the Ministry of Economic Development and Investments, Didier Gelibert, Coordinator of the European Education Foundation of the European Union. The European Foundation for Entrepreneurship Education Specialist Florian Kadletz presented the goals and methods of the focus group on the act of small business.