Over the past week of April 5th and 11th the Adult Education and Lifelong learning Association (Tanger recruitment agency being one of its co-founders) held the following two events:

1.         In conjunction with ARMEN international foundation of Armenian studies within the framework of “Perceive the wisdom” program the Association held a screening and a follow up discussion of “From Ararat to Europe” documentary filmed by Arsen Hakobyan at Aram Khachaturyan museum.

2.         Within the same program, ARMEN international foundation of Armenian studies, Adult Education and Lifelong-learning Association, Hayordi organization with the support of the Armenia Youth Foundation arranged a meeting on the topic of “Who is the Armenian” with Yuri Sargsyan , author of the “The secrets of Ararat mountains”. The meeting was adjourned with screening of the “The name of the Creator” film.

 The events are open for public.