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Today : 01.19.2020

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Family members who are capable of working and get family or social allowance will continue to get allowance for 6 months after being hired for a job, but if a citizen gets appropriate job offer and refuses it twice more, the state will consider the option of depriving the allowance.

The Minister of Labor and Social Affairs informed that the changes will be in force from April 1, 2020.


From January 1, 2020, Armenia will move to a leveled income tax system, that is from a progressive scale will switch to a linear, what means that income tax will be the same for all-23%.

The Ministry of Finance informs that in the framework of tax reforms implemented in Armenia, the income tax will be gradually reduced from next year.  ..................


On March 22, Nana Heruni, the director of the Tangier recruiting company, was invited to the office of the National Center for the Development of Small and Medium Entrepreneurship at a working meeting on women's entrepreneurship organized by the European Training Foundation.

The purpose of the meeting was to promote the development of Armenia in particular in the field of women's entrepreneurship, the state of affairs in this area. They also discussed practical experience, creating a common platform for the exchange of views.  .................



A meeting was held with graduates of basic medical college after Mehrabian in the framework of the “Cooperation with Universities” program. During the meeting the state of the labor market and the main ways of searching for a job were presented.

We also touched upon the theme of fake, one-day recruitment agencies, which are giving attractive announcements to people, having the intention to earn money. The students were introduced to the ways of identification of this type of agencies. ..............................................................


On the occasion of its 18th birthday Tanger recruitment company is making a special offer.

From January 9 to February 9, 2019 for those who are in the job search announced free registration and consultation regarding the labor market.



ArmInfo. Over the past two years, the interest of international and local employers in Armenian IT specialists continues to grow. The director of the well- known recruitment company of Armenia - "Tangier" Nana Heruni said this in an interview with ArmInfo. ...

see full Article on finport.am


On September 14th, a working discussion on “Cooperation and issues among the State Employment Agency and non-governmental employment agencies” topic took place, led by Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Arman Udumyan. The head of Labor and Employment Department Zhora Sargsyan, acting director of the State Employment Agency Artak Simonyan and representatives of non-governmental employment agencies were participating in the discussion..... 


On the 11-17 of April, 2018, at the "Logos EXPO" exhibition complex  "Education and
Career EXPO 2018" was held b y the support of Ministry of Education and Science of
the Republic of Armenia .  The aim of the exhibition was the promotion of
strengthening the links between education and business. The participants of the
exhibition were educational institutions, international and local organizations
carrying out educational programs and private employment agencies.
"Tanger" recruitment company also participated in the exhibition and in its
framework implemented the action of  free registration of all comers.


We are 17 years old!!! What a tender age! From successfully passing time to time through difficulties and doubts, through joys and disappointments, through complex challenges we, step-by-step, have become more experienced and strong. For that we are grateful to our staff and thank people who believe in us. Congratulations and new victories! 

From the 1st to the 20th of February, in honour of this occasion, we offer free registration for all those who would like to trust us and find a job through our company.


On May 23, at the State Employment Agency's office a round table was held on the theme “Workforce skills forecast”, in which besides our company the Employment Agency’s representatives from regions, employers and the representatives of universities were participated. During the round table not enough prepared of the graduates from the secondary technical and higher educational institutions was discussed. It was noted that the educational system does not manage with the evolving market requirements and we need to do our best that the teaching program in the educational institutions comply with the demands of reality and respond   the current market changes.

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