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Today : 07.04.2020


    Our Technology & Methods

Our Technology How we work :
  • We receive the vacancy announcement for the specialists to match the position
  • The consultant of the agency pays a visit to the company to determine major criteria for the candidate selection, to agree on deadlines, to compile the detailed job opening description, to confirm the schedule and to conclude agreements.
  • We collect and analyze information on specific market segment and select the method of candidate selection
  • We search and select candidates, study the resumes, preliminary interview on the phone, schedule interview between the candidates and the specialists of the agency, conduct professional and psychological testing of the applicants, verify the references.
  • We assess, draft the list of candidates for the interview
  • We provide the consultant's final statement and short list the most suitable candidates.
  • We introduce the candidates, discus the outcome of meetings and if approved coordinate the recruitment of the candidate into the company and comply the recruitment terms and conditions.
  • We follow up the company and the candidate over the probation period.
  • We sign the agreement of services and final payments
  • We inform other candidates about the rejection

Methods of search, assessment and selection of candidates:
  • Direct search for candidates among currently employed - Executive Search
  • Headhunting
  • Search through Tanger’s database
  • Search through the Internet
  • Partnership with Universities
  • Participation in Vacancy Fairs
  • Publication of acancy on Tanger’s website and in the mass media
  • Interviewing the candidates at Tanger’s office
  • Professional and/or psychological testing
  • Reference check

To apply please call us at (+37410) 27-53-10, (+37460) 529-529, (+37491) 29-18-92.

   We meet talented and extraordinary people on a daily basis. We meet the idea generators and the implementers, people who under- and overestimate their abilities, success makers and high flyers, serious people and with sense of humor. Each time we attempt to evaluate, understand and feel if this is the right person for the manager. To succeed, we must get to know you as well, dear manager, to know of your company and to frame the requirements to the new employee up to the slightest detail.

The age- long motto "Staff makes everything" is topical at all times. Confide in professionals!

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