Joint Projects with International Organizations

Tanger Recruitment Company carries out joint projects with the"State Employment Service" Agency and various international organizations such as:

  1. The Representation of the “The French Office for Immigration and Integration” in Armenia-the project of “Targeted Initiative for Armenia” (2014-2015).
  2. Within the frameworks of this project we organized professional trainings and requalification courses for 16 migrants lasting 3-4 months. Immediately after the trainings, thanks to us some of them got a job while with others the specialists of our company continued working actively.
  3. International Organization for Migration (IOM)-The project of 2014 “Temporary Return of Compatriots with Professional Qualification”, within the framework of which an exchange of experience with our compatriots from the Netherlands took place.
  4. UN – The project “Support to Syrian-Armenians' Employment Promotion” (2013). 
  5. Within the framework of a tripartite agreement signed with the Representation of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), “State Employment Service" Agency, our company implemented the project “Support to Syrian-Armenians' Employment Promotion” as a result of which we managed to place in a job a certain number of Syrian-Armenians immigrated to Armenia, many of them received consultation on the labor market, labor legislation and required specialties.

    Other projects are also carried out.