Dignity and honor are above all. It’s a fundamental belief for both the individual and the company. We also value the quality of services we provide, its maintenance at the proper level for many years, as well as development.

We value honesty, operability and responsiveness in partnerships. We are loyal to our partners and show flexibility at the same time being firm in our principles.

That is why international companies trust us in their Recruitment and Personnel Management.

Nana Heruni

Director of Tanger Recruitment Company

Tanger Recruitment Company was founded in 2000 in Yerevan, Armenia. We are a mediator between the employer and people who want to find a job or change it to a more interesting, perspective and highly paid job. We cooperate with the largest Recruitment companies of Russia, former USSR countries and other foreign largest recruiting companies implementing joint projects both in Armenia and abroad.

Tanger Recruitment Company regularly carries out joint projects with the “Armenian Employment Service Agency” and a number of international companies.

Our company is engaged in active social activities, for example, it is the co-founder of the ''Adult Education and Lifelong Learning'' Association. The director of the company Nana Heruni has been the president of Private Employment Agencies Sectorial Union of the Republican Union of Employers of Armenia for many years.

Due to its successful activities, Tanger Recruitment Company occupies a leading position in the Armenian recruitment market. Our clients are large Armenian companies, as well as international organizations. For them we make the personnel selection starting from the Representative Office Director. The candidates undergo step-by-step interview, as well as professional and psychological testing.

The company "Tanger" and its staff have about 25 certificates.

Mission and Goals

Our mission is continually contributing to the development of our clients' businesses by providing services of high quality, including recruitment and human resources management that are compliant to the world standards. We help job seekers to succeed in their careers, finding a job that suits their skills and abilities, as well as give our staff members the opportunity to grow and work effectively.
Our goal is constantly evolving to acquire new skills and professional knowledge achieving new heights improving the status and financial well-being of both our company and our clients.
Our staff is a team of supporters which enables our company to solve any complexity.
We value our principles and achievements.

Our Professional Code of Conduct

  • Not to share confidential information, keep in privacy the anonymity of the employer and the candidate until receiving permission to publish the relevant information.
  • To respect all the wishes of the client and the candidate and do the job professionally and on time.
  • Not to transfer information about the specialist to other companies within 18 months of hiring the specialist.
  • To be impartial and objective in the process of evaluating the candidates.
  • To prevent human rights abuses, to treat all candidates and clients equally regardless of the nationality, sex, age and belief.
  • To keep moral and ethical standards in professional relationships with other recruitment companies, preventing partners from discrediting their reputation.
  • To follow international standards set by the recruitment market and raise our professional level, including exchange of work experience with foreign partners.