Why Apply to Tanger Recruitment Company and not Look for Personnel by Yourself?

  • By posting vacancies on websites, you get feedback but it is necessary to know which websites are more popular, which are followed by necessary specialists or which are not, for your actions to be effective.
  • As a rule, the majority of top level managers have jobs, and posting a vacancy will not provide the expected result, as they would hardly respond to your announcements on social medias.
    Because of this, the people you are looking for, may not be looking for you, that is, they are not in an active search for a job. Meanwhile our company has those specialists’ contacts, as well as we are informed in what kind of circumstances they would be theoretically ready to consider for new offers.
  • In our company there are also data of those specialist-managers, who do not post CVs on social network, as well as those of our compatriots who are currently working abroad, but for one reason or another want to come back. Information about them isn’t available on social medias.
  • Often an open search for staff by the employer is dangerous, as the competitors see which branch of the company you are planning to develop. Besides if you want to change the currently working employee, but cannot leave the job vacant, the open search for a new employee may stain the situation. For that reason, sometimes it is comfortable for the employers to arrange interviews not in their company, but at our office, which will guarantee confidentiality.
  • There are officials who will never send their CVs to different companies and will hardly post them on social medias, but are registered in our company. In case you want a single specialist we offer the service of headhunting carrying out the process of negotiation with the specialist and that of job offer.
  • If too many specialists have responded to your vacancy announcement (experienced recruiters are aware that candidates think they can know any profession or language in the process of working), it is possible that at least for a week your company’s regular working process will be ruined because of the shower of calls and resumes. That is why many companies prefer to stay away from that kind of affairs ordering experienced recruitment companies to take the blow and to select 2-3 acceptable candidates for the vacancy. In fact, finding and selecting the candidates are difficult, extensive work, which should be done by specialists. It requires attention, waste of time and mental resources. Is it worth to bear it all?
  • It is specific for our company 
  • - Practicality,
    - Competence,
    - Respect for the client,
    as evidenced by the certificates of our partners from international organizations that can be provided upon request.
The cost of recruitment service for employers depends on the vacancy and accordingly methods of searching (Recruitment, Executive search) the complexity of getting the job, the amount and timing of the job, as well as the quantity of simultaneously given vacancies, long-termness of cooperation and other circumstances.

We wish you success in your business!