Union of Private Employment Agencies.

In 2010 the Sectorial Union of Private Employment Agencies (PEA) of the Republican Union of Employers of Armenia was established. The aim of PEA is improving the labor market and including such companies that did not stain the labor market by their activity as well as to lobby the interests of PEA while adopting legislative acts related to our activities. Opportunities of lobbying are due to the fact that the Republican Union of Employers of Armenia has a tripartite agreement (Government-Union of Employers-Confederation of Trade Unions), in the frameworks of which the union has the right to participate in the development of legislative acts and thereby protect the interests of the members of the union - direct members, sectorial and territorial unions.

For many years the president of the Union of PEA of the Republican Union of Employers of Armenia was the director of our company Nana Heruni.

“Adult Education and Lifelong Learning” Association

Our company is the co-founder of the association “Adult Education and Lifelong Learning” (2005). The term “adult” refers to people having secondary education. The association activities relate to the field of education, training and the acquisition of professional skills required in the labor market. Focusing on the current situation of the labor market new training programs and provision of feedback and marketing in the sphere of adult education are discussed.

Projects are also being developed to support the development of legal field, the cooperation with the state authorities, the international organizations and the professional training of the teaching staff. Cooperating in this way the members of the organizations hope to adapt the primary and secondary education systems to the current conditions as well as to help unemployed people to find new and worthy use of their abilities. The experts of the Ministry of Education of RA and the representation employees of European donor organizations accredited in Armenia participate in the working process of the Association.

The activities of Association are directed to the standardization of the work of training companies as well as coordinating the efforts of the companies serving marketing services to activate their participation in the development process of Education law. The number one goal of the Association is to establish sustainable information flow and reliable feedback between the triangle elements: Employer-Recruitment Company- Employee.