Personnel Search in Armenia
  • Recruitment - Provision of middle-level employees and specialists in various fields in Armenia. Recruitment is the process of searching, evaluating, and selecting personnel directed to the company’s personnel problems solution. The work is carried out according to our technologies, which are presented in the "Technologies and Methods" section.
  • Executive Search/ Headhunting in Armenia Executive search/ Headhunting is the process of finding top managers and narrow professionals. The feature is that the client is given the opportunity to select from a small number of highly paid professionals working in competing organizations.
The stages of this process are:
  1. Making the list of the companies operating in the field of the client that are similar in size and corporate culture.
  2. Making the list of employees holding a relevant position in that company.
  3. Decision of individual motivation system to involve the candidates into the client company.
  4. Negotiations on transition and formulation of business relations.