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Today : 07.07.2020

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On November 6-8 in St. Petersburg took place the seminar "Effective services in the field of labor law, labor relations and human resource development", organized by the International Labor Organization (ILO) at the UN for employers’ organization. 

The purpose of the seminar - to strengthen employers' organizations so that they can more effectively carry out their activities increasing the skills of key personnel and their potential for development and management services to provide information and advice in the field of labor law, labor relations and human recourses. 


On November 14, 2013, a round table discussion took place on the theme "Productive fighting system for business organizations against trafficking and forced labor," which was organized by NGO UMCOR. 

In the course of the round table explanations were given about the terms trafficking, forced labor and trafficking for forced labor, the mechanisms of productive fight against trafficking and forced labor were discussed, the decision  of the RA about the forced labor was represented business issues and basic fundamental principles of human rights and other issues were discussed. 


 The Employers’ Republican Union of Armenia organized a conference on the theme “Integration of persons with disabilities in the workplace” which took place in the business center “Elit Plaza” on October 31, 2013. The representatives of the Employers’ Republican Union of Armenia, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, confederation of Trade Unions of RA, International Organization of Labor of Employers’ Department, the Agency of “State Employment Service” and different NGO-s took part in the conference. 


On October 17, 2013 within the program “Cooperation with Universities” made by us a cooperation contract was signed between Yerevan state college of informatics and “Tanger” Recruitment Company. According to the contract the undergraduates of Yerevan state college of informatics can register in “Tanger” Recruitment Company for free, the latter will help them find a job.  


A delegation from Poland arrived at Armenia. Representatives of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Labor and private sector of employment agencies were among the delegates. On October 8 the Director of “Tanger” Recruitment Company Nana Heruni met with Poles in the office of “International Centre for Human Development” where issues of possible cooperation with private sectors of employment agencies were being discussed.   


The picturesque town situated between mountains met us with cold weather which, by the way, did not spoil the impressions got from beauty of nature and the kindness of people. 

The association “Adult Education and Lifelong Learning”, co founder of which is “Tanger” has a branch in Ijevan which was the aim of our trip.    



In October 4-6 in 2013 the traditional annual Exhibition of Information and Communication Technologies "DigiTech Expo 2013" took place in the exhibition complex “Yerevan Expo”. Within the exhibition a job fair was also held for those wishing to work in the field of IT. They had an opportunity to meet with the employers and get acquainted with the vacancies offered by them.


On October 2 2013 in the office of UN an international conference took place on the subject "Labour migration and policy for the development of post-Soviet countries”. During the conference a comparative analysis and exchange of experience of CIS countries was carried out. 

The following topics were discussed: 



On September 20, 2013 the State Employment Service Agency by the support of the United Nations High Commissioner Refugees organized a job fair in the North Avenue. The aim of the event was to promote the job seekers, especially the Syrian Armenians  refugees to find a job. 


On July 3, in partnership with "Mediacentre" and "Public network" in alliance with the governmental structures and its coordinator "Araza" NGO, a press conference about the RA Draft law of "Employment" took place.

The purpose of the press conference is to present through lobbying information to the wider community and to the Deputies of the RA National Assembly the following:  .................

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