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Today : 07.07.2020

   Our news


Recently the director of our company Nana Heruni paid a working visit to Doha on the invitation of our partner- a large state-owned company in Qatar. The purpose of the visit was to get acquainted with the company, its structure to correctly choose staff in Armenia to work in Qatar, to have an idea about the country as a whole, which is very important for sending specialists.


Today we have become 13 years old.  We heartily congratulate to our staff, partners and people involved and rejoicing with our success. We wish prosperity to Armenia in order good specialists do not leave and find the jobs of their dream.

In connection with our birthday from 3 to 13 February we traditionally declare days of free registration for all those who would like to find a job through our company! We are waiting for you!


On December 23, 2013 a congress of branch union of employers of private employment agencies took place in RUEA office. 

The aim of the congress was the representation, summary and evaluation of work performed within 3 years by the branch union and the election of the president and board members of branch union.  17 representatives from 7 organizations participated in the congress and constituted a quorum. 

During the congress the president of branch union Nana Heruni, who, at the same time is the director of “Tanger” Recruitment Company, reported about the work performed by the branch union within 3 years. 


On December 9, 2013 in the Republican union of employers within the framework of the tripartite contract a meeting was held between the head of Republican Union of Employers Gagik Makaryan, the executive director Vahan Simonyan and the head of the State Employment Service Agency Artak Mangasaryan. 

 The submitted state program on employment regulation of RA for 2014 and some of its constituents were being discussed. 


On December 10, 2013 in the hotel Ani Plaza within the framework of the program “Strengthening evidence-based management of labor migration in Armenia” a round table took place on the theme “The Support to Migrants and their families in the intercommunity cooperation agenda” which was organized by International Center for Human Development.  

On the same day 2013 a delegation from the town Nardo of Italia arrived to Armenia. The mayor of the town Nardo, the representative of the municipality and the representative of the governing council body of Lecce province were among the delegates. Within the framework of the visit the round table was held during which the migration policy of RA, the situation and the support programs to returnees, the programs of the ministry of diaspora of RA and opportunities of intercommunity cooperation were represented and discussed. 


On December 5, 2013 in the hotel "Metropole" the second national conference dedicated to the development of women's business in Armenia held which was organized by the Republican Union of Employers of Armenia. 

In the course of the conference the pressing problems of women's business in Armenia, the state policy directed to the development of women’s business, current programs, issues related to small and medium-sized businesses in general as well as proposals for further development were discussed. 


On December 3, 2013 at the hotel Ani Plaza a round table was held on the theme “The role of local communities, non-governmental organizations and the private sector in the process of regulation of circulatory labor migration: new perspectives” which was organized by International Center for Human Development(ICHD).  

During the round table the support issues to migrants in intercommunity cooperation agenda: the perspectives of cooperation with the Italian town Nardo, the practical opportunities for cooperation between non-governmental institutions for support to migrants and the cooperation experience between private enterprises in the organization of circulatory labor migration were discussed. 


n November 17-28 within the program “Experience and working practice exchange between  private employment agencies” organized by the International Center for Human Development (ICHD)  the deputy director of our company Marina Tsymbalova visited Warsaw and Kiev.  During the visit the Armenian delegation consisting of heads of private recruitment agencies visited particularly the Polish recruitment agency EWL in Warsaw, as well as its branch in Ukraine. The main purpose of the visit was the acquaintance with the activity of the company, with the methods and tools that they use in their working practice starting from the moment of receiving of order from the employer to the registration of employees in the staff of the company.  


On November 23, 2013 a seminar on the theme “Training on job finding” organized by UNHCR for the target group of Syrian-Armenians was held at UN Office in Armenia. 

During the training it was talked about how and in what appearance to go to the employer for an interview, what to speak during the interview, how to emphasize personal advantages and so on. After the training a role play was organized: an interview between the job seeker and employer, where the Syrian-Armenians were job seekers and the speakers were employers.  


On November 15 2013 a seminar on social partnership (Government-Union of Employers- Confederation of Trade Unions) and the Law on Employment of RA took place in the Republican Union of Employers of Armenia.  

The schemes, principles and programs for social partnership were presented, the work of the Union of Employers in the framework of this tripartite agreement and the role of the Union in the development of the new law on Employment, which is currently under discussion in Parliament and is supposed to be adopted in January 2014 were described.  

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