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Today : 09.21.2019

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Interview of the director of our company Nana Heruni with the journalist of the agency "Arminfo" held on 18.02.2011, is available on the following link: http://www.finport.am/view-lang-rus-newsarticle-14474.html

Interview of the director of our company Nana Heruni held on 23.02.2011 is available in the internet newspaper "7 days" on the following link: http://7or.am/am/news/view/17595/


In 2011 we entered the 11th year of our life in the employment market due to our hard-work, qualified services, high level of professional, maintaining our professional principles, as well as honesty towards our clients and applicants. We would like to than our clients and colleagues and congratulations to everyone!!!


Employers Sectorial Union of Private Employment Agencies has been established under the auspices of the "Union of Employers" in July 2010. The main objectives of the union are:


June 16-18, 2010 the General Assembly of European Association for the Education of Adults (GA-EAEA 2010) and International Conference on Youth & Adult Education and Lifelong Learning took place in Hotel Mariott Armenia.

The event is initiated by Adult Education and Lifelong Learning NGO, www.mku.am ("Tanger" Recruitment Company is co-founder), which aims to bring together experts, international and local organizations working in this field to discuss development directions, long-term goals and achievements as well as exchange professional experience.


The meeting of private recruitment agencies took place on April 19, 2010 with the Minister of Work and Social Affairs. The questions of collaboration, social partnership and problems related to labor market were discussed.


The meeting of Artur Baghdasaryan, the secretary of Security Council took place on April 22, 2010 with the chair of the union of employers of Armenia and the representatives of big business in the sphere of production, construction and 10 more representations. Chief Executive of our company,  Nana Herouni, was also invited to the meeting.


On December 25, 2009 the meeting of the association "Adult Education and life-long learning" was held, where Tanger is a board member. The agenda included reporting of the chair for the last year, report of the evaluation committee, election of the new chair and secretary of the organization, assessment of the "Week of adult education" event, and other questions.


On December 17, 2009 our agency took part at a conference "Small and medium enterprises and evaluation of the businesses of women entrepreneurs". On behalf of the Union of Employers of Armenia, its departments involved in small and medium entrepreneurship and ILO held a wide assessment and evaluation of the above-mentioned sphere.


On December 14, 2009 "International Center for Human Development" invited us to participate in the round table discussion on the topic "Recruitment Agencies: problems and needs of the private sector" in the framework of the program "Assisting to the elaboration of migration policy in Armenia and formation of relevant opportunities".


On November 19, 2009 our agency took part in the presentation of the book addressing employers held in "Golden Tulip" Hotel, organized in the framework of the project "Combating Trafficking in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia" by International Labor Organization and Republican Union of Employers of Armenia.

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