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Today : 09.21.2019

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Happy holidays! Good luck, happiness and prosperity!


On December 17, Lilit Tumanyan, customer manager at Tanger recruitment agency, participated in the conference dedicated to the perspectives of engaging rural youth of Byurakan. Issues of youth integration in the community life, rural youth development,  generic characteristics and perspectives of agriculture were discussed.


On December 17, 2011 a conference was organized by “Adult Education and Lifelong Learning” (www.mku.am), NGO.  Among issues on the agenda were reports of the organization’s chairperson and that of audit commission, elections of the new chair, etc. Our congratulations go to Ms. Arevik Sargisyan, who has been re-elected as a president of the Organization. We would also like to remind that Tanger recruitment agency is a co-founder of the “Adult Education and Lifelong Learning”, NGO.


On December 16 and 17,  Lilit Tumanyan,  customer manager at Tanger recruitment agency, participated in the interactive courses on quality assurance system integration and maintenance held in International Center for Human Development. The courses covered issues of ISO standards for quality assurance, and their applicability in the field of human resource management. International statistical methodologies used for the analysis of QA were also discussed.



 On December 16, 2011 Nana Heruni , director of Tanger recruitment agency, took part in the TV   up on A1+ channel dedicated to the labor market,  issues of unemployment,  employment of physically impaired people, issues of education. The program online version can be viewed at:



On December 15, 2011 the Director of the Tanger recruitment agency, Ms. Nana Heruni participated in the roundtable discussion directed towards issues of reinforcement of managing scientific and analytical grounds for regulating labor migration. At the meeting, banking institutions presented newer opportunities of providing for labor migrants and their families. The meeting was well attended by the representatives of state, private and banking organizations.


On November 11, 2011 following a regular assembly at the Republican Union of the Employers’ of Armenia a few members of the Union sat in a meeting with the top management representatives of ArmSwissBank.

The Bank representatives made a brief presentation on the achievements and accomplishments of the bank activities and the services offered, as well as discussed the investment of banking tools into business development and future job openings. A potential cooperation with the organization members of the Union of Employers with the ArmSwissBank was also discussed among other issues. The Managing director of Tanger recruitment agency and Chairperson of the Republican Armenian Employers Sectorial Union of Private Employment Agencies Ms. Nana Heruni was among the participants of the meeting.


 At the end of October the members of the Republican Employers’ Union of Armenia, including Nana Heruni, the Managing Director of Tanger recruitment agency and Chairperson of Private Employment Agencies, paid a visit to Mancho Group, one of the newly joined members of the Union. The members of the Union were accessed to a range of industry of the organization, sucn as the production of sweets, candies, biscuits and various sorts of wines and brandy.


Armenia's labor market will attain its pre-crisis level no earlier than in 2014...



The "shadow recruiters" disturb the work of the professional players and discredit the market of HR services in Armenia...



On 18 October 2011 the European Training Foundation (ETF)  invited Nana Heruni,  Chief Executive of  “Tanger” Recruitment company, to participate in the roundtable discussion on Continuing Vocational Training (CVT) in Yerevan . This meeting was organized in the framework of the ETF new regional project on Lifelong Learning (LLL) in Eastern European Countries.

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