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Today : 06.07.2020

Tanger  A new ground in social networks for finding a job and  workers!
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A new ground in social networks for finding a job and workers!

Since  March 1st, 2013 we started a project with a unique trend Pruffi Friends.A Russian team Pruffi has developed and launched a few innovative products for finding a job and staff in the Russian part of Facebook as well as in the popular social networks: VK and Odnoklassniki.

Pruffi Friends is a platform for hunting in social networks, a services to find a job and stuff finding service.By getting registered on www.hr.pruffi.ru each employer will be able to post his vacancies and find the best experts, and hundreds of thousands of users can recommend themselves and their friends some interesting vacancies of the leading companies and get a money reward by installing Pruffi Friends application.

You want to find a job?

Install Pruffi Friends application, look for the jobs of the employers, recommend yourself and your friends and get a money reward for a successful recommendation.


Pruffi Friends Armenia - now it is also possible for the vacancies in Armenia!

“Tanger” Recruitment company is the exclusive representative of Pruffi Friends in Armenia.

Join us:

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/PruffiArmenia

Odnoklassniki - http://www.odnoklassniki.ru/group/56687924478010  

VK - http://vk.com/pruffiarmenia

Also install mobile applications for iOS and Android.

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