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Today : 05.29.2020


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How to properly assess the employees?

First and foremost frame the criteria of the assessment applicable to the particular position and to the specifics of the organization in general. Then assess each criterion (quality, volume of work, discipline, loyalty) according to the 5-score scale and sum up the results. Frequently the subordinates mistrust the objectivity of the assessment. To avoid it incorporate all-level employees to elaborate the rate of assessment , to conduct mid assessment of the overall staff ranging from the cleaning staff to top management ; bring home for everybody the managerial decisions on the outcomes of the assessment. Even personal traits of people differ not only by professions, but also by the culture of the company. In big serous companies with clearly defined hierarchy and job obligations and with the infallible order of interrelations and paper turnover the employees feel the safety and predictability. These companies are filled with committed, non risk taking, stable people. If the company shapes a labor group for each and every task and the co-workers swap the groups and work on diverse projects, we witness another scenario. These companies face high competition on the market and the life cycle of the product is short (e.g. in IT companies). They benefit from mobile and versatile people, not prone to routine. Another approach is typical of consulting companies: they have a minimal, customer-oriented structure. Consequently, while recruiting people they should bear in mind the tendency of the people to independence. To assist in dealing with the personnel some organizations design in-company professional standards explaining professional and personal requirement s to the candidates, criteria of assessment, ways of motivating and improving qualifications. These criteria are subject to change only in the event the company alters its functions and profile, goals and objectives. The role of the personnel assessment in the recruitment process can hardly be overestimated. It can either lead to dismissal or to promotion.


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