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Today : 05.29.2020


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Still the role of the personal qualities can not be neglected. For instance, as every documentary-bound requirement it can help to reject the candidate. According to Ekaterina Prokhorova from IBS, it interview may disclose that the candidate is a perfect match professionally, though will hardly fit into the company culture setting. In this case you can reject the applicant on the personal quality basis. However, some companies quitted compiling the list personality traits. For example Ruslan Ilyasov, the HR manager of SUN Interbrew considers it to be redundant. Ilyasov is sure that the vaguer the announcement is, the bigger work the companies make for them. "Such an announcement will attract a great number of people, the majority of whom will have to be filtered", he says. In his opinion it is better to state maximally specific requirements so that the employee could figure out whether he/she would fit or not. Michael Bogdanov, the vice president of the association of consultants on personnel recruitment and the general manager of BLM Consort advises to turn to the western companies, which tell about the candidates' future obligations as well as about the company itself. "These announcements definitely look drier, however the applicant will immediately understand whether he/she will fit or not", says Bogdanov According to Bogdanov personal traits should not be mentioned "directly". This can be done through the description of the company culture, for example "dynamically developing company, requires maximum feedback, is composed of the young staff etc. This shows that the company is looking for young, hard working people", says Bogdanov. Still the HR policy of some companies underpins the constant flow of a great number of new candidates. In this light vast requirements are merely a great help.


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