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Today : 05.29.2020


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Good Tradition

In traditional lists of personal traits one can find fairly vague requirements to applicants. For one, what is meant by "maturity"? Whereas, according to the data of ANKOR, the latter is present in 37% of inquiries for the position of an accountant. On "Vedomosti's request this recruitment agency has researched what requirements are put forward regarding the personal traits of the representatives of 4 professions. It appeared that in most announcements the requirements are obvious for the particular profession. In 100% of cases the accountant is expected to be attentive to detail, hard working, organized, and able to meet operational deadlines. The software programmer is expected to have analytical abilities and discipline. The PR and trade specialists are expected to have communicative skills. Almost all announcements, irrespective of the profession, mention the ability to work in a team. Yet the quality of "result orientation", expected in programmers and PR specialists is not stated in the announcement for the accountant and trade representative. The art of writing job announcement is part and parcel of training programs for the HR specialists. They are taught that the announcement should comprise 3 major components: company description, requirements to professional skills and to personal traits. "Here come the communicability, creativity, goal orientation", says Tatyana Dobrovolskaya, the HR manager of the Landia companies group. In her opinion such a competition carries an aesthetic rather than a functional nature. "When we write a certain number of traits in the announcement we sooner describe the general setting of the company than actually require these form the candidates", says Dobrovolskaya.

"99 % pf people if asked to describe their personal traits will shoot the ones they encounter in the announcements", thinks Ekaterina Prokhorova, the IBS HR manager. According to her it's a form of socially desirable image of the representatives of a profession which everyone "tries on" himself while selling it. While compiling the "personality list", companies do not take into account its content. In their turn the candidates adjust to the employer and often include in their resumes the traits they do not possess (sometimes it is done with no bad intention: some requirements are too vague.). Unsurprisingly, the standard set of communicative skill, goal- orientation, ability to work in a team, hard work, organizational skills and others, eventually appear in the whopping majority of candidates applying to the recruitment agency. To verify the extent by which the traits correspond to the reality in ANKOR, for one, there is a consultant psychologist, named Vera Aleksandrova. In her opinion the problem is not that the applicants praise themselves in the eyes of the employers, but that some companies state inters exclusive qualities. "By my experience goal oriented and independent people are not typified by tidiness and accuracy. Therefore these traits should not be carelessly mixed in one announcement", says the psychologist. In general employers do not take seriously the compilation of the list of personality traits. "For one, among the requirements to the Crisis manager one should not state accuracy and obligation, otherwise the announcement may attract people who will coordinate every single step with the general manager which is unacceptable in a critical situation", warns Aleksandrova.


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