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Today : 05.29.2020


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How effectively to cooperate with personnel agency?

So, the choice was made, the contract with agency was signed and you have qualified (we hope) assistant and colleague in the person of the recruiter.
Here is some advice how it is better to cooperate with him:
  • Do not regret the time for personal meeting on which discuss in detail the vacancy, explain, what work was already done or does now on its closing, tell about the company, its history, structure, corporate style, other features. If there is an opportunity, show the recruiter a workplace of the future employee, give him promotional materials, prospectuses, etc.
  • Pay attention to questions which recruiter will ask you and try give him the exact and maximum detailed answer. Be patient, don't be afraid to repeat something some times, in fact from how you will be understood, will depend, whether it'll be possible for you to close the vacancy in the shortest terms. At the end of conversation it is expedient to ask recruiter to formulate the basic moments connected to features of the given vacancy. So you will understand, how well your recruiter has understood all that you explained to him.
  • During the work try to contact with recruiter according to the preliminary arrangement. Stipulate, what kinds of communication (phone, e-mail) for you are the most acceptable, and also during what time you can be found on your workplace. Unfortunately, it so often the case, when the manager on the personnel promises to call back recruiter within an hour, and then disappears for some days. From his part, professionally working expert on selection of the personnel is obliged to regularly inform the customer, i.e. manager on the personnel, how the work on vacancy is going.
  • High-grade work of recruiter on closing vacancies is impossible without granting to him a feedback from the manager on the personnel. When the candidates who have come from agency on vacancy receive refusal in employment, qualified recruiter is obliged to find out, what exactly in given candidates did not suit the customer. It is done not with the purpose somehow "to influence, "press" on the manager on the personnel, but to bring in corrective amendments to work on vacancy, more carefully select the subsequent candidates. Often managers on the personnel cannot give exhaustive explanations in this occasion. It is sometimes connected with the fact that the head who held the interview and gave refusal to the candidate in employment, does not inform the manager on the personnel about the reason of refusal. Here it is very important to convince a management about the necessity to give the argued refusal, and this is the problem which the qualified manager on the personnel should be able to solve.
  • Recruiter can and should act in a role of the adviser. Do not hesitate to consult him concerning those questions which he is more competent in. He can prompt you, what wages are on the average paid to this or that specialist, what conditions are better to offer on probation and so forth. Sometimes, by the way, recruiter comes with offers on changing the conditions for the future employee if he understands, for example, that the divergence in requirements on skill level of the specialist and payment of his work is too great.
So, cooperation of the manager on the personnel and recruiter will be the most effective in case when they establish between each other partner, parity relations based on respect of each other, trust and mutual understanding, and also when there will be full clearness concerning vacancies which are in work.


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