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Today : 05.29.2020


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Effective and Free Ways of Employee Motivation

Do you encourage your employees the way they deserve it? We hope you do. Why so? Because the encouragement of the employee for the well-performed job is one of the keys to keep their motivation and interest up. There are innumerate ways to evaluate highly and appreciate the employee for the job he/she preformed. Many of these ways may require expenses, though inconsiderable. You do not have to send your employees for vacations to Bahamas, to pay $ 1000 bonus or to present with the gold-plated coffee pot. Strangely though the ways of encouragement enlisted below do not require expenses and are among the most motivating. If you do not believe us, trust yourselves.

  Interesting job

Although some tasks you do day-to-day have long become a routine for you, they may present interest and excitement for your employees. When your subordinates perfectly cope with the work assigned, encourage them by delegating some of your obligations or assigning the development of projects provoking their interest. It will not cost you even a penny; still your employees will have an incentive to work and to improve their professional skills. Both you and your organizations will benefit from this.

  Public Recognition

Everybody wants to be highly appreciated for the good performance of his/her job. One of the easies an most effective ways to encourage your employees without having to pay them is to recognize their efforts in public. You can do this by voicing their accomplishments at meeting, emailing then greeting cards (and sending the copies to other employees), placing articles saying about their efficacy in the company advert leaflets, or using many other ways. Try it. You have nothing to lose, as these methods are free, easy and effective.

  Free Time

Another important free way of employee encouragement is to provide them with free time. In today's hectic business world free time off work has become invaluable. People want to spend as much time as possible with their friends and families and as little as possible at office. Certainly, the consequences of rearrangement require each person to perform bigger amount of work. If you grant your employees some free time, or a day off, he/she will be happy to leave the office for a while to arrange his/her personal affairs, go fishing or simply to relax. He/ she will come back to work elated and grateful to you for giving him/her free time versus hi/her efforts at work.

  Information Transparency

Your employees long for information. Yet some managers keep the information in secret and guard it as America's whole gold reserve. Instead of hoarding the information, share it. Tell them how the organization functions, what it has in store for the future both for the organization in general and for your employees. Providing them with the information you not only help them with making more reasoned and correct decisions, but also show them your appreciation of them as personalities. Isn't it what every person wants?


Employees as ever want to know how much appreciated is what they do at work. The only person to tell them how they work is you as their manager. Invite them for a dinner or a glass of beer. Inquire about their matters, whether they have any issues at work, or whether they need help. Give feedback to their work, thank then for the good work performance. You do not have to wait or the annual assessment of employee activities to give them feedback. The stronger and the more frequent is the feedback, the stronger will be their ability to meet your and organizational requirements.


Involve your employees in the decision making process, especially if the decision immediately relates to them. This way you will show them that you respect their viewpoints and will guarantee the most reliable outcome information in the decision making process. The employees hold a better position to see the best solution of the problems as they immediately implement the production process and communicate with consumers. Employees may well know what works and what doesn't. Unfortunately many workers are never asked of their opinions or even if they are asked, their opinions are immediately discarded. By involving the employees you increase their obligations before the organization and simultaneously help them to simplify the implementation of newly modified ideas in the organization. The expenses are none, the feedback is great.


Employees highly value the freedom o choice in how to perform the work. Nobody likes supervisor/ manager standing behind the employee, reminding him of the strict order of work performance and rectifying each step that slightly goes wrong. Each time you communicate the employees what exactly should be done, secure the necessary preparatory work and grant them the opportunity to decide on the way they want to work. This way you will increase the probability that they will perform the work as you wish. Besides, employees feeling who feel their independence will contribute more ideas, enthusiasm and initiative to the overall job.


Birthdays, anniversaries of the organization, the highest average production rate, the longest record of safety and security and many other occasions are a good reason to celebrate. Buy a couple of boxes of pastry and throw a party! (This idea is not free of expenses, though). Your employees will definitely appreciate the encouragement, as you value their work performance and loyalty.


Your employees value the possibility of having flexible work schedule. Some positions, like those of secretaries, retailers, guards, certainly require strict schedule and work place. Whereas some others, like software programmers, technologists, financial analysts are not time- and work place-bound. Giving your employees the opportunity to demonstrate flexibility in defining their own work time and place. You can highly motivate them. In the organizations where such an extent of flexibility is impossible to achieve you can still empower you r employees with making day-to-day decisions on how they would perform their job or how they would account for the results of customer service.

  Increase of Responsibility

Most employees perfect at work through learning new opportunities and gaining experience at the organization. Other employees are happy with moving to nowhere. Yet most people hope to learn more to participate in the decision making processes on the top level and to increase both their own responsibility and salary. Therefore providing your employees with opportunities to learn, to act and to grow professionally is a great incentive. This shows them your respect, trust and care for them. Do not motivate them by making fire around them. Instead find ways to make the fire in them, so that they could make their work place a venue where your employees want and can do their best.


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