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Today : 05.30.2020


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Documentation of labour relations.

Documention of movement of the personnel is the inherent duty of any organization (business, institution) irrespective of scales of its activity and organizational-legal form. Under the movement of the personnel we understand: When registering any of the named procedures the employee writes the application (or the chief of the structural division makes the report), which is the basis for the issuing the administrative document. The head of the organization issues the order. Besides employment can be accompanied by the conclusion of the labour agreement (contract), employee's filling in of the questionnaire (a personal sheet on registration of personnel), drawing up the personal card by the employee of personnel service. At transferring of the employee to another work it is used such document, as representation. Registration of the regular holidays is connected with drawing up the schedule of holidays by the personnel service. At commitment the acts connected to default or inadequate performance of the duties, infringement of a labour discipline by the employee, he writes the explanatory note or the personnel department fixes infringements by drawing up the certificate.

Dialogue with any other organization is by all means made out by letters, and, for example, carrying out of certification of the personnel is accompanied by filling in of the great amount of documents - the report of the session of certifying commission, the specific sheet, the conclusions of heads of structural divisions. Besides such organizational documents, as statute about a personnel department, duty regulations to its employees are made.

The qualified keeping the documentation on personnel concerns to number of necessary professional skills of the employee of personnel service, thus documenting of any procedures should be carried out with observance of the established nation-wide rules of official registration of papers.

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