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Today : 05.29.2020


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How to hold a new employee.

It's turned out that the process of recruiting (employment) doesn't end in signing of Agreement with job seeker. It is often the case when a newly-fledged employee works for some months and gets discharge safely. And it is appeared that time, efforts and material funds invested by a company in search for an expert are wasted.

  Adaptation schedule

To avoid such situations it is necessary to plan the process of adaptation of an expert to new conditions of labor. We should remember such details as: preparation of working place, notification of other employees of a company about admission of a new specialist to the company, especially those ones who will contact the new employee in performance of their duties. These trifles are turned out to be important not only for the newcomer, they are the part of routine of the company and characterize it positively on the labor market.

  Gradual fusion

Some employers consider "submersion" in everyday duties the best way of introducing the course of events to a new specialist. Meanwhile, you should not fill up the new employee with excessively big volume of information. Often a new employee experiences stress which accompanies the changes of labor conditions and a man is not able to remember all trifles connected with the circle of his/her new duties.

  The first days...

In dependence on culture of organization of company duties on making up of plan of a new specialist fusion to firm can be imposed either on his direct head, or personnel department. The purpose of such a fusion is:
  • Introduction of an admitted employee to his colleagues
  • Explaining to him general principles of functioning of the company
  • Acknowledge the receipt of the fact that a new specialist understood and assumed the circle of imposed on him duties.

  Tested methods...

In some firms every new employee spare several first days in familiarization with the enterprise, distinctive features of functioning of some its departments. In other ones a specialist attends a training course connected with his new duties and also study current instructions. Certainly, the time of such fusion of a person with a company is not much but it s tested and justificatory methods since any information gotten by a newcomer won't be left unclaimed in future.


Sometimes a firm attaches to a new employee a tutor who takes a responsibility for employee's adaptation to the work. In this case the tutor and the newcomer make up a "union" in which in the course of time the role of the tutor will be reducing and role of the new employee will be increasing . The culmination of cooperation of this "pair" is ability of the new employee to work self-independently. This method is a cross between the method of "submersion" and the method of adaptation and it consists in long tolerant, even pampering, so to say, attitude of employer to new employee.

  To avoid misunderstanding...

The very important element of adaptation of an employee is the estimation of his work at the beginning of his activity in company. Even the shortest talk can reveal all possible omissions at early stages of newcomer's work. During such a talk an employer should get not only standard information of subordinate and of how his work is going on but also the employer should try to clear out internal state of an employee caused by carrying out of new duties. Whether an employee has some doubts. If nevertheless you find out some problems in the course of the talk, you should settle up the situation. Understanding of qualifying standards by subordinate is of great importance : method of carrying out of a task, terms and way of report. Written on paper such requirements will by very useful in evaluation of work and sizing up of new employee's probation who hopefully will become a valuable bargain of your company.

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