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Today : 05.29.2020


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Motivation of personnel

Motivation of staff is one of the main problems for chiefs and managers on personnel. What is driving motive for people? What goals - personal or professional - they pursue? What can they be interested in?

Except material incentives something else always motivates the professionals. And every man has his own the "something" and as a rule it doesn't lie on the surface.

On the basis of our experience we made some generalizations and offer our typology of people who build their career in dependence on personality peculiarities.

At its heart there are 3 testimonials which are usually included in the list of evaluation criteria of personnel.
  • Self-appraisal. It reflects a person's confidence in his/her personal qualities and professional skills, his/her self-respect and adequacy to reality.
  • Level of claims. High level of pretensions points at the fact that a person wishes to gain a lot, to climb social or professional ladder. But such a man obtains the real results only in case when he has a support. Otherwise, he can loose everything. Low level of claims of people shows that they prefer to have a bird in the hand. As a rule, it's more important for them not to loose the achieved and escape failure.
  • Locus of control. This is an indicator of person's responsibility. People with external locus of control try to explain the existent by the concatenation of circumstances and other people behavior. Inner locus of control witnesses of responsibility of person for his/her behavior and ability to learn a lesson from mistakes, sometimes it leads to excessive self-accusation.
   In real life 6 approaches to career building are often occurred. MOUNTAIN-CLIMBER (high self-appraisal, high level of pretensions, inner locus of control). It's a person who makes his/her career wittingly with full efficiency. Usually they go through all stages from bottom to top and work off their promotion. Such a person makes another step only after he/she consolidated his/her grip properly. This person is full of determination to get the top and will conquer it till final victory. He/she is disposed to abrupt hasty behavior and if nobody hinders, he/she will never abandon company in its need.

ILLUSIONIST (high self-appraisal, high level of pretensions, external locus of control). He/she aspires to the top and believes in his/her abilities but to a greater degree is inclined to be onto a good thing. Being a master of "semblance", he/she prefers to "seem" than "to be". He/she easy learns exterior features of successful person image and can exercise them properly. Such a person waits for the highest wave which could raise him/her to the top. He/she can manipulate associates, he/she is not disposed to take big responsibility. Without any remorse this man will go to your competitor if his offer is more profitable. He/she is good at representatives functions when there is no need in profound analysis and responsible decisions.

MASTER (high self-appraisal, low level of pretensions, inner locus of control) It is interesting for him/her to develop new fields in the framework of his/her profession or of adjacent professions. After he/she feels confident and obtains a result, such a person can loose interest. Climbing the social ladder is not very interesting for him/her. The main thing is an attractive and rich life, feeling of movement forward (not to the top). Can take unexpected for associates decisions to get discharge or change activity status. But if you allow him/her to improve, to raise the level of skills he/she will be a loyal employee. When you feel his lost of interest to job, offer him/her to work out the new project or put a difficult task. Even if the duties are doubled he/she will cope with the job and his/her interest to it will be quickened.

ANT (low self-appraisal, low level of pretensions, external locus of control). Works according to tasks strictly, tasks must be stated specifically, but It's not through his/her silliness - he/he is afraid to make a mistake. A good executor. If you want to hold him/her in position don't burden such an employee with authorities and taking of responsible decisions, don't offer him/her abrupt promotion because he/she can abandon the company being scared. Clear instructions, absence of freedom in choosing and praise of leaders are the best rewards for such a man. If you nevertheless want to promote him/her, you should do it gradually and give competent assistants or expert superior manager as a support.

COLLECTOR (low self-appraisal, high level of pretensions, external locus of control). Wants to gain the top but prepares for professional activity too long. Sometimes has several Diplomas, completes a lot of courses. Considers that knows everything but hesitates to get down to work as it can undermine his/her unsteady inner equilibrium and weak faith in his/her abilities. Has a dim idea of career building but knows clearly that "would like to be a chief". His/her material pretensions are much higher of his/her real cost. Yet if he/she can restrain his/her ambitions and start to work with a small position, such a person can be a good employee especially when having a competent tutor.

USURPER (low self-appraisal, high level of pretensions, inner locus of control). Relies only on himself, his self-esteem helps to climb the career ladder but distrust in associates and inclination to self-condemnation prevent him very much. Feels responsible for what is going on at company that's why tries to control not only his/her work but one of adjoining subdivisions often exceeding the limits of his/her authority. Works successfully in stable conditions. In unsteady situation takes chaotic decisions. Uncertainty makes him/her to join strong groups but distrust does not allow to use opened possibilities. Oriented for vertical career, prefers authoritarian style of management. He/she is able of taking responsible decisions but prefers his/her subordinates to carry to its conclusion started by him.


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