Here are some services represented by our company` Outstaffing, Outsourcing, and Staff Leasing. Because of some economical reasons the big companies find it profitable to take out some of its employees from the staff list, shifting the HR work to recruitment agencies like us. Since 2005 up to now "Tanger" renders services on Outstaffing to foreign and international companies in Armenia. In the theory of regular management Outstaffing is said to be a technology of decreasing administrative expenses and the investment risk. The thing is that the more the company pays attention to the motivation and the development of the staff, the higher are the expenses on employees capacity building, compensation packages , staff consulting etc. Increasing the investment in a human capital increases the risk of the investment. For example, resignation of key employees to a competitor company or labor arguments solved by the court. While practicing Outstaffing, the employer has the possibility to regulate the quantity of employees of the firm without changing the quantity of the staff members. In addition to that Outstaffing gives a possibility to avoid the labor relations with the employees. Consequently not only the financial but also the administrative load of the company and the direct management tools of the employees are maintained. This mechanism is first of all practiced by the representatives of international agencies, national companies with a complicated organizational structure and a good finance system and companies that are in the stage of reorganization.

So, the need for this service arises when a company: Obligations of Tanger Tanger becomes the legal employer of outstaffed personnel and performs the following functions: Tanger’s fee is based on: